The War and Treaty’s Michael Trotter, Jr. Used “Powerful” Moments and “Positivity” To Survive The Pandemic

"As artists, people, whatever, we [are] going to emerge from this moment, together," says the "Healing Tide" vocalist

For The War and Treaty’s Michael Trotter, Jr., a 30-minute conversation about anything barely plunges into the depths of his intensely thoughtful mind and soulful being. However, discussing how he used singing and songwriting to — at various times — ground himself, restore his sanity, and heal his essence — during the COVID-19 pandemic yields surprising and incredible moments.

When he stumbles upon describing the time his son serendipitously poured a glass of water on his head, it’s the water — above all else — that starts the process of cleansing his soul about artistically surviving quarantine. An emotional river of good feeling emerges that helps us all positively flow through these unprecedented times.

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