Blanco Brown Promises a New Album Filled With “Personal Stories”

The Parmalee-collaborating singer-songwriter wants to "[make fans] feel something within [their] core"

“I lost a part of me that day, but I’m slowly throwing away the pain. These sounds are making me smile.” In a recent Instagram post, rising pop-country star Blanco Brown discussed how recording his forthcoming album allowed him to recover from his near-tragic 2020 motorcycle accident peacefully.

“It’s just an emotional journey — learning new things and learning stuff about myself,” Brown continues. “There’s no better way of learning yourself than sitting in silence.” Regarding the album itself, the artist who joined with Parmalee for Billboard country chart-topper “Just The Way” noted, “It’s heartfelt. It all has a purpose and a point … [a] record that’s just going to make you feel something within your core,” he states. Overall, the album’s vibe is positive. “Find the positivity in whatever you’re going through…you’ll see better outcomes. Going into it with the energy that you want is what you’re going to get out of it.”

Regarding the success of his Parmalee collaboration, Brown recently told Taste of Country, “It’s amazing. Any time you go Platinum or Gold, people just listen to the music. It’s just an amazing thing to see the numbers and how many people actually loved it.” As well, he noted the following in an Instagram post celebrating the single’s platinum-selling achievement:

“Do what you love but in the process give people something they can feel! I remember playing records for plenty people that said it wasn’t gonna work, those same suckas🤣hit me up to ask what they could do for me when my sound started taking off… Clears Throat “Same thang you did when u didn’t believe in me” just stand back and watch Gods favor on my life!”