Sam Hunt’s “Surprised” To Hear Fans Singing His Hits After Quarantine

Hunt also talked about hitting the road in a tour bus instead of his beloved old van

On a recent appearance on Cody Alan’s CMT iheartRadio program, vocalist Sam Hunt discussed how he’s adjusting to life back on the road after a 16-month quarantine break. “We’re playing a lot of festivals and not touring yet,” Hunt notes about getting back on stage with his band. Regarding the genre’s fans remaining fervent supporters of country music during the pandemic, he added, “these are country music fans, and they’re great. If a song came out in the past year and a half, [they’ve shown me] that they know it.”

Hunt openly wondered to himself, “Is anybody listening?” as he contemplated how “overwhelmed” his fans were by world events and COVID-19. However, in hearing fans passionately singing along to songs like “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90s” and “Hard to Forget” from his album Southside, he was pleasantly surprised.

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