WATCH: Brandi Carlile’s Hilarious Singing Interaction With Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow

"Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow calling me out on being a show off. Somebody had to do it," Carlile jokes

Actress/creative Courteney Cox has returned to the headlines of late as the director of Brandi Carlile’s newest video for her just-released single “Right On Time,” the lead single for her forthcoming album, In These Silent Days, which will be released on Oct. 1.

However, though the video is not as humorous as, say, Cox’s performances on NBC sitcom Friends, when Cox and Carlile recently spoke to Cox’s co-star on the legendary television program, Lisa Kudrow, hilarity ensued.

In a recent post to Carlile’s social media, the Grammy-winning vocalist joins Cox to perform the song. As Cox plays the piano, Carlile belts the song’s final, powerful note for what is believed by Cox to be a braggadocious amount of time.

In the time that it takes Carlile to impressively hold the note, Cox pours a glass of wine and FaceTimes Kudrow. The actress jokes that Carlile has held the note for “a few minutes — more than a few minutes,” and in feigned annoyance says, “I don’t even have that long,” joking that that watching the length the note has been held is interrupting her daily activities. Cox hangs up with Kudrow, then grabs a snack and starts a game of Jenga. Finally, after completing so many activities in the time that Carlile has been singing, Cox taps her on the arm to tell her it’s okay to stop finally.

In other Brandi Carlile news, the vocalist made a surprise guest appearance at the recent Newport Folk Festival. She joined soulful British folk-country performer Yola during her set. She also joined alongside R & B icon Chaka Khan and artists including Yola, Sunny Way, Celisse, Yasmin Williams, Joy Oladokun, and Adia Victoria as a performer during Allison Russell’s festival-closing performance.