Tracy Lawrence Releases ‘Hindsight 2020 Volume 2: Price of Fame’ Project

Lawrence welcomes another '90s country mainstay, Tracy Byrd, for the song "Holes in the Wall"

Today, Tracy Lawrence releases the second installment of his three-part, 30th anniversary project, with Hindsight 2020 Volume 2: Price of Fame. The 12-track collection follows the dozen songs previously released for Volume 1: Stairway to Heaven Highway To Hell.

The new project continues with Lawrence’s signature ’90s country sound, and he welcomes Eddie Montgomery for the album’s title track “Price of Fame,” a study of the sacrifices artists make to chase–and maintain–their musical ambitions. “Keeper of the Stars” hitmaker Tracy Byrd joins Lawrence for “Holes in the Wall.”

“’Holes in the Wall’ is a song on that album that just sounded like it needed a fun collaboration,” Lawrence adds. “I thought, who better to have than my buddy, Tracy Byrd!”

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