Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Severely Damaged By Flooding In Middle Tennessee

Wayne Spears, who worked as the foreman of Lynn's ranch, was tragically swept away in the floodwaters' undertow

Country icon Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN—a town which she now completely owns and where she maintains a residence on the ranch’s property since the 1960s—was severely damaged by flooding caused by over 15 inches of rain that fell on Saturday, August 21 in Humphreys County, TN. According to the Associated Press, the sudden storm resulted in a natural disaster that, as of 7 AM CST, has killed 22 people and with 20 others confirmed as missing in that area. Tragically, included in that 22 is Wayne Spears, who worked for decades as the foreman of Lynn’s ranch, and was swept away in the floodwaters’ undertow.

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