Mitchell Tenpenny’s ‘Midtown Diaries’ EP Open His Newly “Vulnerable” Musical Heart

"I've strived to create an EP where you believe every word that's coming out of my mouth," says the "Truth About You" vocalist

Mitchell Tenpenny has succeeded in many things in life. But, impressively, the thing he’s wanted most: to be a star as a singer and songwriter in his hometown of Nashville, TN — is the one thing that he’s currently succeeding at the most to date.

Before releasing music like his latest EP Midtown Diaries (out September 10), the 32-year old artist was an aspiring linebacker roaming the football gridiron at Middle Tennessee State University, a rock band member playing for the musty, sweat-drenched glory of dive bar cheeseburgers and pitchers of beer at the end of the night.

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