Alana Springsteen Learned How To Love From The ‘History Of Breaking Up (Part One)’

"I felt healed by the writing process on every song on this EP," says the vocalist

Alana Springsteen is 20 years old, but given that she first picked up a guitar at the age of nine and signed a publishing deal at 14, she’s an atypical artist. As well, she also has a razor-sharp memory when it comes to being able to access stories from which songs like those that comprise her just-released EP History Of Breaking Up (Part One). Tracks like the lovelorn “California” highlight her blend of youthful exuberance with an earnest desire to create communities of fans with her musical output is endearing. While in conversation with CMT about the state of her life at present, her yearning for love, and lessons learned from the crafting of History of Breaking Up (Part One), a sense of Springsteen’s passion — as well as her potential for increased stardom — are apparent.

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