Lily Rose’s ‘Stronger Than I Am’ EP Highlights Her “Leveling Up” Into Country Stardom

"I'm achieving bucket list goals these days," says the viral sensation now signed to Big Loud Records

Lily Rose taking over a decade to become an “overnight” success via the digital viral success of her single “Villain,” is only scratching the surface of her story. Because her rise took ten-plus years, it also — upon taking with her — highlights something else: she’s had a decade to study precisely how, if given a chance, she’d maneuver her way to the top. Eighteen months after the onset of COVID-19, Rose is now signed to Big Loud Records and releasing her debut, seven-track EP, Stronger Than I Am. A conversation with the emerging star highlights her extraordinary awareness of her opportunity and her genuine joy at discovering and working with the alchemy that drives pop songs to become iconic, cherished moments in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. Everything from Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” to Asbury Park-era Bruce Springsteen is covered in this conversation with CMT. Upon listening to Stronger Than I Am, the title track and songs like “Remind Me Of You” offer notions of singer-songwriter magic made real. If looking for an artist willing to take an inch of acclaim and turn it into a mile of a masterful career, look no further.

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