CMT INTERVIEW: Cody Johnson On His Double-Album ‘Human’, And The Impact Of Achieving Creative Freedom

"This album is exactly who I am inside, musically," says the "Dear Rodeo" vocalist

Eight albums into his fifteen-year career, and Texas-born former rodeo cowboy and former indie country music artist Cody Johnson is currently two Warner Nashville-released albums and an autobiographical feature-length documentary film into self-made mainstream stardom. “I’m at a comfortable place right now. I’ve worked my tail off, so the hard work is out of the way,” he tells CMT. Thoughts that success that has piqued the interest of mainstream icons — and fellow rodeo riders — like Reba McEntire have gone to his head are cut short immediately, though. “Let me say this as nice as I possibly can,” he offers with strength mixed with an undertone of a smile in his voice, “I’ve never been anything other than myself. I don’t create music for number one singles, playlists, or notoriety. I make music that I believe in from my heart and soul.” Human, his just-released double album, could be his best yet. Reflecting an artist focused on being as consistently excellent as unflinchingly real, it’s a superstar turn of a release. In regards to it, Johnson makes a bottom-line statement. “When you hear all 18 of those tracks [on Human], that’s exactly who I am inside, musically. I owe it to myself, my fans, and this industry to be unapologetically authentic.” In this CMT interview, expect to learn about the impact of creative freedom on a passionate artistic soul.

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