CMT INTERVIEW: Reba McEntire Celebrates “Having Fans From 2 To 92” On ‘Revived Remixed Revisited’

The "Fancy" vocalist is hitting the road with 2021 CMT Next Women of Country Brittney Spencer and Reyna Roberts, among many

“Having fans from age 2 to 92 is a good problem to have,” says Reba McEntire, on an early morning Zoom call, regarding her just-released Revived Remixed Revisited triple-album that reimagines top hits from her four-decade catalog of iconic country songs. McEntire is a music superstar whose renown expands across ages and mediums. She’s a renowned vocalist whose mid-80s breakout into stardom also, via the video for 1986’s “Whoever In New England,” catapulted her into the global mainstream spotlight. Furthermore, her work in the 2000s as a sitcom star with a self-titled television program expanded her star power from stage to screen. Now, as an artist with three generations of fans who all have unique connections to various aspects of her performance excellence, the time was likely right for her to revive, remix, and revisit her incredible slate of music. To a room of journalists, McEntire took a half-hour to answer questions, offer reflections, and highlight just how profoundly impacted she was by having such an intriguing way to reconnect with her legendary material.

“My management was wanting me to focus on my catalog, and this genius [triple album] idea came about. So we have a dance mix album, an album that a band re-recorded live, and then the stripped-down version,” McEntire offers. She continues, highlighting a note that made the project stand out as highly important and necessary. “There are fans of mine who are parents who bring their kids to my shows, and the kids — because they only know me from the TV show say, “oh yeah, she sings too?” Or, I’ll be in the grocery store, and a [small child] will see me and say, “why are you here?” And I’ll respond, “I live here.” And they’ll say [as influenced by the TV show], “no, you don’t! You’re from Houston, Texas.” While her young fans’ curiosity entertains McEntire, it’s being able to unify her fans through the generations while also doing some work meaningful to her professional aspirations too.

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