Garth Brooks honors Charley Pride: ‘The guy was a unifier before unifiers were thought of’

Garth Brooks joined the RIAA to present Charley Pride with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Brooks said: "What makes something special is also what people attack. The fact Charley Pride was black didn’t matter. The fact Charley Pride was black mattered everything."

Country music icon Garth Brooks teamed with the RIAA to honor genre legend Charley Pride this week with the RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award during a ceremony at the National Museum of African American Music.

Brooks and the RIAA’s Michele Ballantyne presented a commemorative plaque to Pride’s son Dion Pride and the National Museum of African American Music for display.

“We’re all very, very proud of my father’s accomplishments,” Dion Pride said. “But for me as his son, all of his accomplishments are a sheer by-product of the love he had for country music. He just loved what he did. I’m more impressed with the man. My father was a great, great man, and all of his values and all of his principles will live, and they will live through me.”

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