Luke Combs: the Story Behind New Song “Doin’ This”

Luke Combs knows he would be 'doin' this' if he wasn't 'doin' this' because he already did it.

A decade ago, Luke Combs lived in a small apartment above a strip mall in Boone, North Carolina.

He jokes that 208 Faculty Street, Apartment 3, is where “the dreams came true.”

Combs was in college and spent his nights working as a bouncer in the bar below his apartment. He wanted a promotion from working the door to playing the stage. Combs auditioned with a mop in his hand for the bar owner after last call.

He got the gig.

So, when Combs sings “I’d still be doin’ this if I wasn’t doin’ this” in his new song – he knows it’s true because he already did it.
Combs unveiled his ode to performing minutes before winning Entertainer of the Year at the 55th CMA Awards Wednesday.

Lyrics include: Someone asked me once in an interview|What was growing up like?|Where’d you go to school?|And what would you do if you weren’t doin’ this?|I’d be drivin’ my first car, an old worn-out Dodge| Tryin’ to make rent with a dead-end job, just makin’ due|With tips in a jar, my guitar, and an old barstool.

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