Jason Aldean Celebrates Carrie Underwood and Macon, Ga.

Jason Aldean's new album "MACON" is inspired by his hometown roots - and his Nashville experience.

Jason Aldean wanted to do something “cool and creative” for his 10th album, and the pandemic-related lockdown allowed him to craft the two-album set carefully.

“MACON, GEORGIA” is a 30-song collection divided equally between the albums. There are 10 new tracks on each album and five live songs. “MACON” is available now, and “GEORGIA” will be out April 22.

“It’s the one good thing that came out of the quarantine,” Aldean told CMT. “I had a lot of time to go in the studio and focus and get in there and cut a lot of things at once. I really don’t think there’s a difference between one and the other. We just found a bunch of songs we liked.”

Aldean’s musical journey began when he started playing his first shows in Macon, Georgia, as a teen and continues today. He followed the influence of his hometown’s rich musical history while honing this project and interwove it with 16 years of experience in the music business.

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