Zac Brown: The Unifying Story Behind New No.1 “Same Boat”

Zac Brown said: "I'm not going to take a political stance as an artist, because that's just going to create enemies on one side or the other. Where I do have some influence is philosophically. "

Zac Brown Band’s “Same Boat” became the group’s 16th No. 1 song – just in time for Christmas. While Zac Brown wrote the song with Ben Simonetti and Jonathan Singleton about unity all year, he believes “Same Boat” is also the perfect unexpected holiday hit.

“We wrote ‘Same Boat’ to help remind us of what we have in common and what makes us human,” Brown told Billboard. “I’m really grateful that our fans are listening and connecting with that feeling of togetherness and unity. It’s what makes our country great and gives us all a little hope this holiday season.”

Brown said he wrote the song to be consumed in layers. Listeners can dive as deep as they wish to uncover the social commentary or enjoy “Same Boat” at face value.

“You can drink a margarita and have fun, or you can really listen to the words and be like, ‘Hmm,’” Brown said. “That’s the goal, is to take it on different levels and meet people where they’re at.”

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