Josh Turner Shares Story Behind His ‘King Size Manger’

If you go see Josh Turner in concert, there's a great chance his wife and kids are with him.

Josh Turner longed to record a Christmas album almost as long as he’s been on country radio. In 2021, he celebrated two decades in country music, and for the first time since “Long Black Train” became his breakthrough hit in 2004, Turner found time to do it.

“King Size Manger,” available now, is a collection of traditional country versions of classic Christmas songs mixed with some original tunes, Hawaiian, bluegrass and swing. Turner wrote three of the four original songs and arranged five tracks on the 11-song album.

“Soldier’s Gift,” written by Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe, is the album’s debut single. The song is about what soldiers sacrifice – even over the holidays – so Americans can feel safe in bed at night. Turner said he was “embarrassed on behalf of the whole songwriting community in Nashville” that it took so long to write the subject matter.”

“The patriotic message and the Christmas message is not something you normally hear together,” he said. “And that’s exactly what this song is all about.”

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