Thomas Rhett Wants To Write “A Christmas Classic”

"My dream in life would be to write a classic Christmas song," says the country superstar

Thomas Rhett’s latest video for “Slow Down Summer” has a definite summer-to-fall energy that allows it to feel in line with May-to-December high school romances. However, as he prepares for his first Christmas as a father of four, his aspirations regarding the holiday season aren’t just limited to taking selfies while wearing matching pajamas in front of Christmas trees. In a recent conversation, he unveiled a plan that, if he reaches it, also elevates the level of acclaim of his superstar career success.

“I think my dream in life would be to write a classic Christmas song that gets played until my kids are older, but there’s a lot of classics out there that are incredible,” he recently stated to Big Machine Music Group.

“It’s kind of impossible to write a classic, you know what I’m sayin’? You just kinda hope that it’s cool enough to survive one year and maybe it’ll get played the next year.” Rhett’s released Christmas songs before. In 2019, he released a version of “The Christmas Song,” plus an original written with Chris Tomlinson called “Christmas in the Country.”

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