Keith Urban Talks About The Impact Of Johnny Cash And Reba McEntire On His Aussie Childhood

"I'm like buying your CD's and now I'm on a freaking podcast with you, it's crazy," says the "Wild Hearts" singer to the "Fancy" vocalist

On the latest edition of Reba McEntire’s “Living & Learning with Reba McEntire” podcast, the iconic country artist is joined by another icon, Keith Urban. Alongside conversations regarding the impact of marriage and family in his life and creative process, there are also touching recollections about the impact of two American performers on his formative years as a young country music fan being raised in Australia — Johnny Cash and McEntire herself.

Related to the inspiration for his 2021 single “Wild Hearts,” Urban recalled seeing The Man in Black play a concert in Australia in 1972. To McEntire, he states, “I [was rewriting] the verses [of “Wild Hearts”] to make them personal to me, [and thought] “where does my journey [with country music] begin? The very first thought I had was my mom and dad taking my brother and I to see Johnny Cash when I was five years old. That very much felt like the first part of it. So I wrote down ’saw the man in black, spotlight in the air, heard a thousand screams, saw my daddy stare’ and then we were off and running.”

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