Watch: Lauren Alaina Emotionally Collapses on Opry Stage as Trisha Yearwood Invites Her to Become a Member

Lauren Alaina checked everything off her list, says: "I've got to make some new goals."

Christmas came early for Lauren Alaina at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night when Trisha Yearwood delivered the ultimate holiday surprise.

Her voice quivering from unshed tears, Yearwood asked Alaina to become the next member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Alaina went to her knees in the Opry’s famous circle before Yearwood could finish the question.

“I felt like Bambi,” she told PEOPLE following the invitation. “My knees … all of a sudden, I [had] to get closer to the floor. Then it was, ’There’s a slit in my dress, stand back up.’ That’s all I could think.”

Yearwood told her the invitation was like a marriage proposal – she had to say yes.

“Yes!” Alaina said without hesitation.

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