Maren Morris “Just Decided To Go For It” in New Single “Circles Around This Town”

Maren Morris wrote "Circles Around This Town" with Ryan Hurd and Julia Michaels. She said it's about "keeping the gas pedal down on your dreams."

Maren Morris was like most aspiring singers when she moved to Nashville. She drove a car to Music City that she probably shouldn’t have trusted to make the trip. She had crackly demos, and her songs weren’t as developed as now. But, she was hopeful.

She details her story in her new song “Circles Around This Town,” written with her husband Ryan Hurd and fellow singer/songwriter Julia Michaels.

“’Circles Around This Town’ is special because it’s probably the most specifically autobiographical song I’ve ever written,” Morris told New Music Daily on Apple Music 1. “All the songs that I write are about my story, but this one was very specific to my journey from Texas to Nashville nine years ago to become a songwriter, which then led in to me becoming (the) artist that I am today.”

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