Luke Bryan Placed On Vocal Rest, Asks for Prayers

Luke Bryan's sentimental new video for "Up" debuted on Facebook Thursday.

Luke Bryan has to simmer down – it’s doctor’s orders.

Bryan and his wife Caroline shared separate posts on social media Thursday poking fun at the fact that Bryan did so much cheering for the Georgia Bulldogs at the National Championship football game that he lost his voice.

The day after the game, Caroline shared a video on her socials of Bryan eating soup and trying to talk. He couldn’t muster more than a whisper.

By Thursday, Bryan was on vocal rest. Caroline shared a photo on her socials of Bryan with a piece of tape over his mouth.

“He’s on vocal rest after his EXCESSIVE screaming at National Championship game….can’t say I’m too unhappy about it!” she said. “I plan on talking nonstop and annoying the hell out of him. 😈”

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