CMT Premiere: Lindsay Ell and Chayce Beckham Have Chemistry to Spare in “Can’t Do Without Me”

Chayce Beckham and Lindsay Ell bring "Can't Do Without Me" to life through a car chase they agree is the best part of the video.

Chayce Beckham and Lindsay Ell teamed for their steamy new single “Can’t Do Without Me” and then brought the chemistry to life in the song’s video that debuted on CMT today.

“’Can’t Do Without Me’ is about everyday people, the people who complete them and how strong the urge is to be with them again,” Beckham said. “The video for it captures that feeling perfectly as two people race down the road, eager to get to the spot where they can finally be together and feel all the feels they’ve been thinking about all day.”

Written by Jordan Walker, Michael Carter, Trannie Anderson, “Can’t Do Without Me” is all about anticipation, Ell adds.

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