Ian Munsick and Cody Johnson: The Story Behind “Long Live Cowgirls”

Ian Munsick says Cody Johnson was in his top "two or three dream collaborations."

Ian Munsick’s youth in Wyoming was the picture painted by the ’90s country songs where ranching was revered, and the lyrics glorified the Great Plains and the country lifestyle that went with it. His healthy respect for cowgirls is born of life experience, so when veteran songwriter Phil O’Donnell suggested the title “Long Live Cowgirls,” Munsick was in with both boots.

Out now, “Long Live Cowgirls” is Munsick’s new collaboration with Cody Johnson that celebrates cowgirls and the ranching lifestyle in which both men are rooted. The ballad embraces the western side of country with a fiddle and acoustic guitar that evokes the feeling of hard work and open spaces. Vocally, Munsick explores the high end of his range while Johnson brings the cowboy sound that makes him one of country music’s most beloved artists among classic-leaning fans.

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