Brent Cobb Shares Near Death Experience That Influenced His New Southern Gospel Album

Brent Cobb enlisted his cousin Dave Cobb, known for producing Chris Stapleton and others, to help him record "And Now, Let's Turn to Page..."

Brent Cobb was sitting at a four-way stop on a rural road when the crash happened. Someone unfamiliar with the area barreled through the stop sign in their car and t-boned Cobb’s truck. His son was still in a rear-facing car seat and didn’t make a sound when the crash happened. The impact broke Cobb’s collarbone, but he maneuvered out of his truck and over to his 1-year-old son’s side of the cab. He managed to get the door open, and when he did, his son just looked at him in confusion.

With the assurance his baby was ok, Cobb laid down on his back in the road and waited for help.

The experience prompted Cobb to make his new Southern gospel album “And Now, Let’s Turn to Page…” released last week. Produced by his cousin and super-producer Dave Cobb, the album is a collection of songs that Brent Cobb sang in church growing up. The tracklist includes standards “In the Garden,” “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” and “Old Rugged Cross,” which is of particular importance to Cobb’s family. But the album is also home to “When It’s My Time,” inspired by the singer’s near-death experience in the car accident.

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