Lauren Alaina Tries to Be Her Own Best Friend and Thinks You Should, Too

Lauren Alaina will be inducted into The Grand Ole Opry Saturday night - then she's going on tour

Lauren Alaina learned a powerful lesson from a therapist a while back: “You’re the only you you’ll ever have. Be nice to yourself.”

Alaina has long chronicled her journey to self-love and acceptance in her music. Her first No. 1 song, “Road Less Traveled,” was inspired by her experience with bulimia. Her new album “Sitting Pretty On Top of the World” also showcases her personal and professional growth with songs about love, loss, responsibility, and moving on. She took all the self-help lessons she’s learned over the years and put them in a book – “Good at Being You: Learning to Love Who God Made You to Be.” And now, after she’s inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night, she’ll launch her headlining Top of the World Tour presented by Maurices.

“That album is really just me wanting to start loving myself and learning to love myself and sharing that message for other young women and men and everyone,” Alaina told People. “It’s been a really hard journey for me to find self-acceptance and find self-worth. This tour really feels like a celebration of all of the growth I’ve had over the last 10 years in my career and my personal life.”

The tour launches on Feb. 24 and will stretch through mid-April with stops in New York City, Boston, Rosemont, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee, and more. Her book’s advice will be vital for her to remember on tour. Alaina talks about speaking to yourself with kindness, how to chase your dreams, identify self-sabotaging behavior and build meaningful relationships. The first chapter – If I Was My Best Friend – sets the tone for the book.

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