CMT Premiere: Sarah Darling Hopes “Pretender” Gives Fans “A Glimpse of Who I Am”

Sarah Darling's "Pretender" is the third single from her forthcoming EP.

Sarah Darling said she spent a long time keeping her “messier side” hidden for the sake of vulnerability – but she’s finished playing that game.

Darling said her new song “Pretender” and its accompanying video – premiering on CMT today – is “coming from an open heart.”

“I’ve got stories to tell,” she said. “I hope my fans get to see a glimpse of who I am and how I’ve grown.”

“Pretender,” co-written by Darling, Emily Shackelton and Cameron Jaymes, is breezy, contemporary and tells the story of a lying love interest who keeps stringing her along.

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