Ingrid Andress Pegs Rihanna Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Singer

Ingrid Andress loves love - she's just confused by how people celebrate it.

Ingrid Andress isn’t in love with Valentine’s Day – and you definitely shouldn’t ask her to make your playlist.

“Here’s the problem,” Andress said. “I listen to a lot of sad stuff. So I feel like … Taylor Swift writes some pretty good love songs. Most of hers are like, ‘I’m angry at you.’ But the ones of hers that are happy … what’s happy? This is terrible. I can think of all the anti-ones and no pro-Valentine’s Day songs. This definitely tells you a lot about me.”

Want anti-Valentine’s Day songs? She’s got you covered – and she isn’t talking about “Wishful Drinking,” her new duet with Sam Hunt.

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