Ronnie Dunn Talks “Broken Neon Hearts” and ’90s Country

Ronnie Dunn: "I think that can be the kiss of death sometimes to think you have to do it all."

Ronnie Dunn’s criteria for choosing songs to record is simple – if it has a good beat and people can dance to it, chances are the song caught his ear.

Dunn is gearing up to release a solo album later this year and recently released the album’s debut single “Broken Neon Hearts.” If the title sounds like it could be a track from Brooks & Dunn’s 1991 debut album “Brand New Man,” that’s all the better for Dunn. As half of Brooks & Dunn, country music’s most-awarded duo in history, Dunn’s creative interest is sparked by two things – his Texas roots and ’80s and ’90s country music with a beat so undeniable it jerks people onto the dance floor. He thinks “Broken Neon Hearts” will get people in their dancing boots.

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