Why Lauren Alaina Lets Jon Pardi Vet Her Boyfriends

Lauren Alaina: "I have an actual, real-life boyfriend ... and Jon Pardi likes him"

Lauren Alaina recently told Audacy’s Rob + Holly that when it comes to dating, she has a “type.”

“Tall,” Alaina said. “Tall…Dating people in the industry (is) not great. I know the ins and outs of it and how it works. It works for some folks.”

Alaina’s new single “Getting Over Him,” a duet with Jon Pardi, is inspired by dating. The Georgia native wrote the song with Paul DiGiovanni and Emily Weisband after a brief flirtation with a cute guy didn’t end the way she had hoped. Her friend told her that if the guy’s only function was to move her beyond the last man who broke her heart, then he had served his purpose.

“He doesn’t have to be the here forever guy,” Alaina said. “He can just be the guy that helped you get over the last guy. I thought it was pretty good. I tapped into my phone.”

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