Runaway June Singer Naomi Cooke Exits the Trio

Naomi Cooke says she's "taking a new musical journey as a solo artist"

Country trio Runaway June lost another member.

Naomi Cooke revealed on social media this week that she was “taking a new musical journey as a solo artist” this week.

“I am beyond excited to share new stories and music with you,” she wrote. “It has been 7 wonderful years as the lead singer of Runaway June, and I am so grateful for the memories and time well spent with my bandmates, Hannah, Jen and Natalie.”

Runaway June’s Hannah Mulholland left the trio in 2020, and Natalie Stovall joined, making the line-up Cooke, Stovall and Jennifer Wayne.

The group’s last social post featuring the most recent line-up was on New Year’s Eve. Cooke was absent from photos taken at Wayne’s recent baby shower and hasn’t appeared on her former bandmate’s social accounts since early November.

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