CMT Premiere: BELLES Put Cheaters on Alert with ‘He Gave Me a Ring’

Singer Kelli Belles said: "I knew my fans loved this song, and I really wanted to create a music video that did the song justice because so many people relate to it."

Family trio BELLES wasn’t afraid to suffer for their new music video for “He Gave Me a Ring,” which debuted today.

The trio’s singer Kelli Belles said the group was together in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, for the holidays, so they decided to shoot the video a few days after Christmas. The temperature was 10 degrees.

“We were all freezing during the outside shots,” she said. “We were on such a time crunch because of leaving for tour with JoJo Siwa in early January that we had to just power through the cold weather. Then at the end of the shoot, I got to get in a warm bathtub wearing a wedding dress!”

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