Morgan Wade Opens Up About Finding Her Band On Craigslist

Morgan Wade talks about her college glory days and proves that every musician has to start somewhere.

Country music breakout star, Morgan Wade quickly contracted the musical bug in first grade, when she got her tiny hands on an old-fashion VHS tape of Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock.” The hitmaker told Rolling Stone that the Rock ’n’ Roll legend opened her eyes to the world of music. Therefore, when she was old enough to pursue her own artistry and form her own band – she did.

Morgan was a 19-year-old college student in Roanoke, Virginia, when she decided to seek out musicians for her garage-like band. At the time, the music hopeful utilized the minimal resources she had at her fingertips, including Craigslist.

The “Take Me Away” artist revealed that she started answering Craigslist ads and met with a “super nice” police officer, but he wanted to sing. Therefore, her search continued.

After weeding out potential options, she narrowed it down and took a chance on five individuals who expressed their interest. Wade declared that it was the random men from the internet that first heard her sing live.

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