Brooks & Dunn Talks Reboot Tour, What Fans Can Expect and What Makes Them Nervous

Tickets for Brooks & Dunn's Reboot 2022 Tour are on sale now

Brooks & Dunn jokes they’re not shooting themselves out of a cannon on their Reboot 2022 Tour, explains they sent all of their inflatable women to The Rolling Stones and that their glitter steer heads and hanging in their homes.

In other words, people who buy concert tickets should come to the shows to hear the duo’s 20 No. 1 hits and not for the over-the-top production of Brooks & Dunn’s early days.

“I don’t think we’ve done anything quite like this before, but we hired some really hot guns to come up with something,” Kix Brooks said. “Once we all got done with the huge sets, the simplicity of acts like ZZ Top that let the music just jam like it was supposed to, that’s kind of how we approach this.”

“It’s a full stage,” Ronnie Dunn added. “You won’t be missing anything.”

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