Songwriter Lori McKenna Opens Up About Grammy Award-Winning Track “Crowded Table” By The Highwomen

Maren Morris pays tribute to Lori McKenna and says she's one of the industry's most "gifted storytellers."

Behind every chart-topping melody, there was once an eager songsmith looking to convey a message or story. However, it takes a particular type of creative with a fine ear and clear vision to bring lyrics alive in an extraordinary way. When country music star Maren Morris arrived in Nashville a decade ago – she was on the hunt to find the finest songwriters in town.

After weeding through music city’s array of writers, she came across award-winning composer Lori McKenna – leaving her to believe that her prayers have been answered.

“I moved to Nashville 10 years ago. I wanted to get into rooms and kind of manifest myself writing with my heroes that are like Lori McKenna,” Morris told CMT. “I was able to do all of those things over time,” she added with gratitude about her flourishing career.

The vocalist continued to share her experience with McKenna and declared that the track “Witness to Your Life” forced her to stop, listen, and appreciate McKenna’s true superpower for songwriting. The mid-tempo single that lives on McKenna’s record, “Unglamorous,” touched Morris’ hopeful soul in more than one way.

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