Dolly Parton Shares Feelings on Retirement, Says She Wants to Sing with Ed Sheeran

Dolly Parton: "I’ll always be doing this unless my health (fails) or something bad happened to my husband."

Dolly Parton must have a thing for men with accents.

She recently won a Dove Award for her collaboration “God Only Knows” with Australian duo for King & Country. Last month, Parton said she wanted to sing a duet with Australian Keith Urban. And this week, she explained that British pop star Ed Sheeran was at the top of her bucket list of singing partners.

“I love Ed Sheeran,” she said on Amazon’s Country Heat podcast. “I always thought when I heard his little voice, or his big little voice, his emotional wonderful voice, I used to think, ‘Boy, I bet we could sing something beautiful together – to pick the right song that really has the way that we both can sing with emotion because we can feel it. Maybe someday I can do something with him.”

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