CMT Premiere: The Band HANSON Proves That The Ultimate Daddy-Daughter Date Does Exist In The “Write You A Song” Music Video

Isaac Hanson: “My relationship with my daughter is one of the most important things in my life. I am shaping her, and she is changing me.”

When singer-songwriter Isaac Hanson’s daughter asked him to write a song for her, he did not think twice.

The lead vocalist behind the band Hanson told CMT that the conversation between him and his 8-year-old child was emotional, but occurred at a convenient moment in time.

“She was having an existential crisis, like, ‘My dad is a songwriter and a musician, and he doesn’t have any songs that are just for me,’” said Hanson. “So, she said that to me, and it happened to be a few days before a good friend of ours who lives in Nashville [Paul McDonald] was coming through town and stayed with my family. He came in and said, ‘What if we wrote a song about writing a song for somebody? So, they will always have a piece of you with them everywhere they go.’”

With his number one girl on top of mind, Hanson joined forces with songsmiths Paul McDonald and David Garza to produce the heartwarming tune, “Write You A Song.” Hanson mentioned that the tribute track challenged him to think outside the box and take a different songwriting approach.

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