Pics: Kassi Ashton Engaged to Publishing Executive – See Her Ring!

Kassi Ashton and her fiancé will celebrate their five-year anniversary in May.

“Dates in Pick Up Trucks” singer Kassi Ashton revealed Monday morning that her dating days are over.

Ashton’s longtime boyfriend Jeffrey Travis Myatt proposed and she gleefully accepted.

“On the pier where we met, with a handwritten declaration and our family secretly waiting on the beach. It’s almost as if you and fate planned this all along. I love you so much @jtmyatt,” Ashton wrote on Instagram. “He surprised me with this trip, my dream ring, my dream antique ring box, and my dream photographer, @ktcrabbphoto. I asked him how I was to repay him and he said, “marry me”.”

Myatt shared the same series of photos from the proposal on his social media accounts, along with one of Ashton’s hand flaunting her new knuckle-busting bauble.

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