CMT Premiere: Vincent Neil Emerson Delivers Heart-Wrenching Story Of Lost Love In “Son Of A Bitch” Music Video

Vincent Neil Emerson: "I want people to have hope, to understand that you deal with the difficulties and you keep going."

Vincent Neil Emerson may be a country music newcomer, but his impressive songwriting makes it seem like he’s a seasoned lyricist. On the heels of his vulnerable self-titled album, which includes raw ballads “Learnin’ To Drown” and “High on Getting’ By” – the Texas native released (March 18) traditional country melody, “Son Of A Bitch.”

Emerson’s pure vocals instantly capture the listener’s attention, as he delivers an emotional-driven narrative about a man fighting and navigating a dark time. To display the life obstacles the main character faces within the lyrics, Emerson turned to director Keenan O’Reilly and gave him the creative freedom to interpret his tear-jerking storyline.

“The video parallels the song in many ways,” Emerson told CMT. “They aren’t exactly the same, like a direct interpretation. Both the video and the song can stand on their own, but for the video, this is Keenan, the director’s interpretation of the song. I wanted him to have that freedom. He’s an artist, and he had a true vision. I kept thinking how cool he was about putting all this together, and I knew the video would be cool. Working with him was effortless. He really has a great eye,” he added.

O’Reilly produced not an ordinary music video, but a whole cinematic experience. Throughout the movie-like clip, Emerson plays a man who leaves his wife and finds himself in a toxic cycle full of drinking, cheating and getting into heated altercations. Towards the end of the video, Emerson snaps back into reality and regrets his decisions– leaving him to return home to his lover. With a travel bag in hand, Emerson finds an empty bedroom. The vacant house symbolized his consequences and lost love.

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