Country Hitmakers Lauren Alaina and Craig Morgan Become Fan-Favorites On New CBS Reality Show “Beyond The Edge”

*** Caution, "Beyond The Edge" Episode 1 spoilers ahead.***

The highly anticipated reality show “Beyond The Edge” premiered last night (March 16), and country music hitmakers Lauren Alaina and Craig Morgan left reality TV junkies in pure disbelief.

The “Getting Over Him” singer entered the dangerous competition in full force and with a positive attitude. While working off her team members’ strengths and weaknesses, the “American Idol” alum brought her team to victory with her impressive puzzle-solving skills.

While Alaina excelled in episode one, Craig Morgan’s military qualities did not go unnoticed. During the first challenge, each team made their way through quicksand-like mud. As his team struggled to swim, “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Eboni K. William got stuck within the muck. Thankfully, Morgan rescued her and encouraged the TV personality to forge forward.

Morgan’s risk-taking personality did not come as a surprise, as he was a soldier in the United States military. While serving, he worked alongside the CIA in Panama and combatted sex traffickers in Thailand.

In just one episode, the CBS binge proves that it is the most dramatic, suspenseful, and mind-blowing celebrity game on TV. Keep scrolling to learn more about “Beyond The Edge” and catch up on the action-packed premiere.

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