Joe Nichols Teams With Blake Shelton, Says If He Talked Like Shelton He’d Be Labeled a Jerk

Joe Nichols shares the making of "I Got Friends That Do (feat. Blake Shelton)" from his new album "Good Day for Living."

Joe Nichols recently had a find-out-who-your-friends-are moment – and Blake Shelton is one of them.

Shelton joined Nichols on his song “I Got Friends That Do” from Nichols’ new album “Good Day for Living.” The song is a blue-collar anthem that celebrates having fun and generous friends. “I Got Friends That Do” spotlights two of country music’s most distinct voices from the last 20 years and pairs them with production from Mickey Jack Cones and Derek George that could flourish just as easily in 2000 as it does today.

“Blake didn’t have to do this duet,” Nichols told PEOPLE. “He probably had people on his team that were saying, ’Do you really need to do a duet with Joe Nichols?’ But he did it. He jumped on it. And that’s a good dude.”

Nichols said “I Got Friends That Do” is a bit of art imitating life. The pair started in Nashville about the same time more than two decades ago. They used to sit around in Shelton’s house, drink beer, and complain about the music industry.

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