Nick Carter Releases Music Video For Pop-Country Single “Easy” Featuring Jimmie Allen

Nick Carter opens up about the desert music video shoot and his friendship with Jimmie Allen.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter recently released (March 28) the music video for his pop-country single, “Easy” featuring Jimmie Allen. The clip directed by Danny Roew brings the family-centric lyrics to life, as Carter incorporated his three children and wife Lauren Kitt into the project.

Allen and the Grammy Award winner filmed the music video in the middle of dry lake beds in Nevada. Carter told CMT that he made a family trip out of the experience. He rented multiple RVs, loaded up the dirt bikes and decided to camp overnight.

“The kids were all out there, and everyone was there,” he recalled. “Jimmie showed up the next day,” he added before detailing the action-packed filming process.

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