Keith Urban Encourages Fans To Let Loose In New Feel-Good Anthem, “Nightfalls”

Keith Urban's new jam will leave you craving summer – listen now!

Keith Urban recently released (March 31) his new country-pop single, “Nightfalls.” The country crooner penned the high-energy love song alongside critically acclaimed songsmiths Greg Kurstin and Mozella. The two hitmakers have songwriting credits with Adele, the Foo Fighters, and pop icon Madonna.

“Writing ’Nightfalls’ with Greg Kurstin and Mozella was pure joy,” Urban told Bang Showbiz. “Two summers have gone by with no way to tour, and the desire to have that feeling again inspired every part of this song and recording. In a world so full of real struggles and fractures, I wanna try and bring something to help us exhale and be in the moment – if only for 3 mins and 41 seconds,” he added.

With live music back in action and the world slowing returning to normal, the powerhouse vocalist encourages listeners to unwind, live in the moment, and celebrate life.

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