Kane Brown Says He Almost Joined Restless Road: “It didn’t work out, thank God”

Kane Brown and Restless Road singer Zach Beeken connected after both auditioned for "The X-Factor" with a Chris Young song

Kane Brown’s career almost looked a lot different – and so did Restless Road.

Brown and Restless Road recently told The Ty Bentli Show that Brown nearly joined the group after meeting on “The X-Factor” almost a decade ago.

“I met them in 2013,” Brown explained. “I was supposed to be in the group. It didn’t work out, thank God. I got them on my label now, but they’ve been together for nine years. Nobody really gave them a chance. They signed with a couple of people and never got to do a show, never got to put out an album. They’re so talented. They’re funny to be around. They’re three genuine good guys, and I just felt like they needed a chance.”

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