CMT Premiere: Madeline Edwards “Port City” Video Conveys “Lingering Hope” of Struggling Artists

Madeline Edwards thought of her mother when she needed to conjure strong emotion for the music video.

Country newcomer Madeline Edwards has been in Nashville little more than one year, and she’s already played on some of the genre’s biggest stages, shared the spotlight with country’s boldest names and accumulated accolades that people work a decade to achieve. Now, she’s back with a new song and even newer video.

Written by Edwards, Courtlan Clement and Josh Moore, “Port City” is an emotional, autobiographical ode to an artist’s tumultuous trek as she’s trying to build a career.

“There’s a lot of courage behind moving into new seasons of life,” Edwards explained. “Mine was moving away from home with my husband to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a recording/touring artist. The journey, however, is not always a glamorous one. It can be filled with let-downs and stagnant creativity, but also filled with so much hope.”

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