Crossover Artist Monica Talks Forthcoming Country Record and Collaboration with Jimmie Allen And Little Big Town

Monica: "I'm no longer singing country in the shower. I'm singing it for the world."

The best things in life are those that come when you least expect them, is a cliché moto that genre-bending musician Monica can strongly attest to. R&B-soul icon Monica was tirelessly working in the studio alongside Grammy Award-winning artist Brandi Carlile on a project called, “Pray” for Jimmie Allen when she heard heaven-like harmonies in the studio beside her.

The mesmerizing sound was coming from the multi-platinum country band Little Big Town and the creative within her instantly had a gut feeling that their vocals would bring “Pray” to new heights. Backstage at the 2022 CMT Music Award, the vocalist shared that Allen had the very same idea right from the start – proving that great minds think alike.

“He never mentioned to me that he even had the idea. What I think it speaks to is sometimes God aligns things without our help,” Monica pointed out to CMT. “It was put into motion without any help. When Jimmie sent me the song, he and I had never met. So, for that to happen in the studio and it already be a thought of his, it just says that this song’s exactly where it’s supposed to be.”

It wasn’t long until the faith-centric collaboration featuring Little Big Town and Monica appeared on Allen’s 2020 record, “Bettie James.” The group of musicians brought the anthem to the CMT Stage to deliver not just a powerful performance, but to call for unity. Following dress rehearsal, “The Boy Is Mine” singer took a second to explain the song’s weight and why the underlining message is needed now more than ever.

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