CMT Premiere: Miko Marks Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane in “Feel Like Going Home”

Miko Marks: “I hope it inspires people to prioritize their own well-being, and that it reminds them of the importance of staying connected to their true selves."

Miko Marks took a trip down memory lane in her new music video for “Feel Like Going Home.”

“The video shoot brought up a lot of great memories for me because we put together that box of vinyl and photos from my life, with a lot of pictures of my earlier days in music, performing at the Bill Pickett Rodeo and things like that,” Marks said. “It was nice to gather those for the video and be reminded of those times.”

Marks wrote “Feel Like Going Home” with Justin Phipps and Steve Wyreman, and she said the video “helps to illustrate the concept that home is any place where you feel centered, grounded, doing what you love and what makes you who you are.”

“The different scenes of me with my band, on stage, in the studio, are important to me because that’s where I feel so deeply connected to my calling and where I really feel at home,” she explained.

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