CMT Premiere: Chris Janson and Eric Church Go ‘Ozark’ Dark on New Video for Duet “You, Me & The River”

"You, Me & The River" is on Janson's "All In" album that is out now.

Chris Janson’s new video for his Eric Church collaboration “You, Me & The River” is more akin to a “very serious, very dark” mini-movie than a typical music video. Janson says of the clip that is directed by Reid Long and also features Church.

“It’s a big, big production video and a lot of fun,” Janson says. “It’s like a trailer to a three-hour event.”

“You, Me & The River” is the first song Janson didn’t write that he’s recorded to date. However, Church is the song’s sole writer and personally sent it to Janson. He couldn’t say no.

“Now this is coming from a guy who knows that I write my own songs,” Janson says. “I’m thinking, ’Hmm, is he recording this? Is he asking my opinion? I was like, ’Maybe he’s pitching?’ Who knows?”

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