Mickey Guyton Teams With Tyler Hubbard, Talks New Music, Mother’s Day and More Babies

Mickey Guyton: "I want him to have a sibling. With bullying and stuff like that, I want him to have somebody that will always be his friend, even if they drive each other crazy."

In the last year, Mickey Guyton says she feels like she’s gone from having to climb Mount Everest every day to being able to coast a bit. And that’s just in her career. She’s also a new mom to son Grayson, 1, so the balancing act is taking a toll.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” she said. “I was just in Nashville for nine days working, then I come home, and I’m like, mom, and I’m working. I’m just really busy. I lost my phone last night, somewhere in my apartment. I couldn’t find my charger cable. I’m literally barely hanging on, to be honest.”

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