CMT Premiere: Mae Estes Sparks A Challenging Conversation In “Thinkin Bout Cheatin” Music Video

Mae Estes marks a career milestone with "Thinkin Bout Cheatin" music video.

It takes a courageous risk taker to use the power of music to spark difficult dialogues. Mae Estes is a country newcomer playing a vital role in reshaping the genre with her truthful and non-surface-level storytelling. Estes recently released her single “Thinkin Bout Cheatin,” where she touches upon infidelity from a female perspective.

While many legends have produced chart-topping tracks about cheating – Estes tackles the sensitive topic in a unique way. The songstress proves that battling unwanted desires is all-too-common among women.

Within the ear-grabbing melody, Estes flawlessly delivers a narrative about a wife faced with an internal conflict. Instead of being unfaithful, the protagonist turns to her husband and declares her conflicting sensations. The mid-tempo temptation track emphasizes that an honest and open conversation can go a long way – verifying that Estes is wise beyond her years.

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