Jimmie Allen, Morgan Wade, And Lindsay Ell Stresses The Importance Of Prioritizing Mental Health

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month – CMT called in three country trailblazers to spark a conversation about checking in with yourself and others.

The United States is currently experiencing a mental health crisis, yet the topic still manages to get swept under a rug or viewed as taboo.

Jimmie Allen, Morgan Wade, Lindsay Ell are a select group of musicians who are using their powerful platforms to activate a chain reaction to capitalize on the importance of mental health. Together, they overlook the stigma that hinders open communication, by using music to connect with themselves and others.

The pioneers recently (May 25) joined CMT on Twitter to share how they are normalizing the conversation in country music and to reveal tactics on how they keep their health in check. Country correspondent for CMT Hot 20, Rissi Palmer, steered the discussion with the award-winning artists and assured each listener that fame or fortune does not heal all.

Throughout the honest exchange – Allen opened up about his constant battle with bipolar disorder, Wade voiced her sobriety journey, and Ell fearlessly spoke out about her sexual assault story. With intent, the chart-topping singers placed their guards down to create a safe space.

“I am happy a lot of the time, but a lot of the time, I’m not. We all struggle. I feel like my first couple years in the business were focused on happy, positive, happy, positive – and that is still there,” Allen stressed regarding his upbeat music. “I recently wanted to show another side, because the best thing for me was when I realized that some of my favorite artists were bipolar [Charley Pride & Kanye West] that really made me feel like I was not out here by myself,” he added.

The “Down Home” singer said that resonating with other musicians changed the trajectory of his career, and inspired him to deliver his truth through music. Since building up the courage to leave his heart on the writing table, parents and children who struggle with mental illness have reached out to thank Allen for his vulnerability.

“I wanted to be honest about it… I feel like now’s the right time to do it,” the hitmaker expressed. “I wanted to establish myself as a musician and let my music be the first connecting part. I post positive quotes. Every day I pull something positive, it’s a reminder for other people and me,” he added.

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